A New Bill Introduced to Expand Veteran Mental Health Treatment

Two US Senators have introduced a bill that will allow veterans to seek innovative treatments to combat PTSD and other mental health issues. It is known as the Veterans Post traumatic Growth Act and requires the Department of Veterans Affairs to conduct a pilot program that will study nonprofit therapeutic programs relative to traditional models of mental healthcare.

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The ability to use different mental treatment modalities is critical because each veteran’s mental health issues are different and a one-size-fits-all is not working well across the country. On average, 20 veterans are committing suicide every day as their needs are not being met. Post traumatic treatment focuses on more areas of a veteran’s life including their family, relationships, finances, and other factors. Current mental health programs tend to concentrate on pharmaceuticals and traditional therapies and can be less effective for many veterans.

Many veterans continue to struggle with mental health issues. The 2019 Veterans Affairs Mental Health Program and Suicide Prevention Services Independent Evaluation found that mental health treatment was needed by more than 35 percent of veterans seeking Veterans Health Administration services. The Senate bill hopes to help address this by offering veterans more innovative ways to address PTSD, depression, anxiety, and suicides.

To support our veterans in the greater Sarasota area, Operation Rubix provides a network of options for veterans and their families to receive a variety of treatment options to suit individual needs. Veterans and their families need to feel comfortable with and trust their mental health providers, and our network offers both traditional and innovative therapies to help all who need it. We look forward to watching the progress of the Senate bill through the legislative system and hope it will allow us further flexibility in our treatment programs.

For more information on Operation Rubix or any of our programs please call 941-777-8387 or email info@operationrubix.org.


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