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What to Expect in Therapy

The idea of beginning therapy can be extremely daunting, especially when it comes to your very first visit. Many worry that a certain stigma is attached to those who need therapy – that they can’t handle their responsibilities or are too weak to deal with their emotions on their own. In reality, knowing you need help and taking a step towards working on improving yourself is a sign of great strength. We want to help you feel as prepared and comfortable as possible before your first session so that you’ll know what to expect.

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There are many mental health therapies available for veterans suffering from PTSD and other issues, but a lot of them are not totally effective. The Veterans Administration estimates that somewhere between 10-20 percent of veterans returning from active duty will suffer PTSD. It is also estimated that about 20 veterans are committing suicide each day due to their mental health issues. Operation Rubix is determined to give veterans in the greater Sarasota Florida area access to a network of mental and physical health support for them and their families who also suffer from the effects of mental trauma.

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Three Myths About Free Military Mental Health Help

If you are a military veteran you may be eligible for non-medical therapy. However, there are myths about the availability of mental health care that should be addressed. So, let’s review three common myths about getting mental health assistance. As always, you can contact Operation Rubix at 941-777-8387 for more information on these and other services we can provide.

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Operation Rubix is concerned for the physical and mental health of our veterans in the greater Sarasota area. As part of that commitment, we support Mental Health Awareness Week sponsored by the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). This organization is determined to raise awareness of mental illness and help reduce the stigma of those who suffer from it.

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If you are a veteran, active military member, or a family member of a military member, it is possible that you are dealing with stress. Stress related to the military is difficult to deal with, but there are treatments available that can help you and your family experience relief. For example, a study has confirmed that military family counseling works.

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