Help a Veteran During the Holidays

For many veterans, the holiday season is a difficult time. During this time of giving and graciousness, consider helping a veteran. For more details related to how you can help a veteran during the holidays, just continue reading.

Help a Local Veteran During the Holiday Season

The first way you can help veterans is by reaching out to your local armed services recruiter. This recruitment office may have resources or contact information for you. Ask about programs that can connect you to disabled or injured veterans, as well as homeless veterans or unemployed veterans in need of a job. Hospitals and homeless shelters may also have information to offer to you.

Once you get in touch with veterans who you can help, consider creating gifts for them. Something personal and affordable like a quilted blanket can make an excellent gift. You can also prepare a fundraiser to help raise money for these veterans, who may be in need of extra money to help with hospital bills, unemployment, and caring for their families. Some programs may even provide you with pre-determined donation lists, so you can shop from that list to be sure the items you’re purchasing will be helpful to the veterans in need. Some of these items may be socks, gloves, baked goods, and so on. Even donating a used car can help a veteran in need of transportation.

There are countless ways to help veterans this holiday season. For more resources related to how you can help veterans in your area, reach out to Operation Rubix. We connect veterans and their families to resources that can help improve their lives. To donate to Operation Rubix or to learn more information about us, give us a call at 941-330-4240 today.

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