Operation Rubix: A Network of Options for Veterans and Their Families

Operation Rubix was created to provide help to veterans and their families. At Operation Rubix, we understand that “not one size shoe fits all.” We are passionate about providing Sarasota therapy options to our veterans and their families that actually cater to their specific needs. The different types of treatment we have available are specifically designed to assist in helping improve the well being of our veterans and their loved ones.

Operation Rubix in Sarasota, FL

Some treatments do not work for certain people, which is why we have a variety of traditional and alternative therapies in place. Veterans and their loved ones can feel safe and comfortable working with us at Operation Rubix. Our veterans can even select the provider and therapy options they feel most comfortable with, so they can find peace within during the process. We make an effort to use local resources in the Sarasota County area to meet the needs of our local veterans and their family members.

Mental health should not be neglected, especially when it comes to our veterans and their family members. Our network of professional therapists and legal experts in the Sarasota County area are dedicated to supporting the needs of local veterans. We at Operation Rubix are dedicated to bringing awareness and healing to veterans and their families, who are struggling with anxiety disorders, depression, insomnia, personality disorders, chemical dependencies, and psychosis. Those veterans struggling with PTSD, OCD, Bipolar, and so on can find support and assistance through the mental health therapy we supply at Operation Rubix.

At Operation Rubix, we are a network of options for veterans and their families. If you are a veteran or family member of a veteran, you can learn more about us by emailing us at info@operationrubix.org, or giving us a call at 941-330-4240. You can also find us at our Sarasota location at 358 Bearded Oaks Circle.

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