Recreation Therapy Makes A Difference Physically & Mentally for Veterans

Recreation therapy makes a difference physically and mentally for veterans. If you are a veteran, or if your loved one is a veteran, consider seeking recreation therapy. Recreation therapy is a type of therapy that encourages individuals to get active. One example of creation therapy is cycling. Even if you or a loved one was physically injured in the line of duty, there is a form of recreation therapy available to help.

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Recreation therapy not only gets veterans moving, but it also helps veterans mentally. Recreation therapy allows individuals to get physically active, which has positive effects on the body and the brain. Recreation therapy also moves at the pace of the person. Recreation therapy is not pushy, so you or your loved one can move at a pace that is most comfortable.

For many veterans, it is difficult to get out and try new things. Recreation therapy encourages veterans to get active and try a new hobby. This can have positive effects on a veteran’s attitude, mental health, and overall well being. Once a veteran makes the difficult first step to get started, recreation therapy is a breeze. Consider taking that step and seeking recreation therapy for yourself or for your friend or family member.

At Operation Rubix, our goal is to connect veterans, active military members, and their families to mental health resources. We can help you find the ideal recreation therapy programs for your specific needs. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us. You can contact Operation Rubix by phone at 941-777-8387, by email at, or you can visit us at 5824 Bee Ridge road PMB 443 in Sarasota, Florida.

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