The Marine Corps Turns 244 Years Old on November 10, 2019

On November 10, 2019, the Marine Corps will celebrate their 244th birthday. This day helps commemorate the memory of the Corps, all who served, and those Marines who lost their lives in the line of duty.

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In 1775, the Continental Congress developed a plan to use Marines to intercept a British ammunition shipment. The Corps came into existence from a resolution to attack Nova Scotia so it could be annexed to the young United States. This obviously never happened, but the Marine Corps remained and served with distinction throughout the Revolutionary War. Unfortunately, due to later loss of funding after the War, the Marine Corps ceased to exist by 1785. It was reestablished in 1794 when Congress created legislation to have a Navy and Marine Corps.

The two branches of service remained combined until 1798 when the Navy and Marine Corps became separate branches of the Armed Forces. Since 1925 the annual birthday has been celebrated around the world wherever Marines are based. Typically there is a dinner and cake, but in Washington, D.C. there is a “Marine Corps Birthday Ball” highlighted by the cutting of a cake using a “Mameluke” sword whose cross hilt and ivory grip design dates back to 1805. The first piece of cake goes to the guest of honor, and the second goes to the oldest Marine present at the Ball. This Marine ceremoniously passes the piece of cake to the youngest Marine present to symbolize the passing of Corps experience and knowledge to later generations.

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