Three Myths About Free Military Mental Health Help

If you are a military veteran you may be eligible for non-medical therapy. However, there are myths about the availability of mental health care that should be addressed. So, let’s review three common myths about getting mental health assistance. As always, you can contact Operation Rubix at 941-777-8387 for more information on these and other services we can provide.

Military Mental Health Sarasota Vets

Myth #1 — You have to have a doctor referral to get mental health care

The fact is military family members do NOT need referrals to get most types of mental health assistance. The military offers assistance through Military OneSource ( and Tricare. All Department of Defense beneficiaries can receive 12 no-cost sessions through Military OneSource per life issue by calling 800-342-9647 and going through screening. Each new life event or problem can result in 12 additional sessions.

If you have used your 12 sessions or prefer not to use OneSource, military dependents can self-refer through Tricare. You can obtain therapy or counseling without referrals; only psychoanalysis and substance use disorders need a referral. Go to or talk with us at Operation Rubix for more information.

Myth #2 — You can’t get mental health counseling because you don’t have access to childcare

Granted, this can be a difficult situation, but it shouldn’t stop you from getting the help you need. Bring your child with you and give them headphones to keep them occupied with a game or reading while you are in counseling. Trade childcare with others who need the same assistance. There may be childcare available at the center. Take a little time to find out what options are available, but don’t skip or avoid therapy for this reason.

Myth #3 — There are no therapists in my area who can help me

This simply isn’t true. Military OneSource, Tricare, and Operation Rubix all have therapists available. Please don’t get caught in this myth simply because someone told you it’s true.

Operation Rubix is located in Sarasota Florida and serves our veterans and dependents with therapy and mental health treatment options. Call us today at 941-777-8387.


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