Virtual Reality Therapy for Paralyzed Veterans

Books, TVs, card games and laptops do not cut it anymore for the injured especially paralyzed veterans who have been in action for the armed forces and seen many tours. These activities are not just tiring to them but they can become boring and repetitive as well.

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Virtual Reality (VR) therapy makes spending time in the hospital a bit less painful, boring, repetitive and stressful than it is already.

These Virtual Reality treatments go beyond being an instrument for managing a patient’s conversations with his/her healthcare environment or for introducing gaming to healthcare; the VR therapy is an eHealth tool for enhancing expected results and their welfare.

With the aid of 360° cameras and online videos suited plus tweaked for virtual reality, paralyzed veterans can get into the world of kayaking, jet flying, surfing, parachuting, powerbocking, caving, scuba diving, parkour, barefooting, BMX, bobsledding, waterfall kayaking, highlining, skydiving, solo climbing, and more. Thus helping veterans get back into the action they miss. And this therapy goes beyond sports into less physically exerting activities like meditating, yoga, museum excursions, et al.

Beyond sports and games, socialization options are being built into VR therapy in order to foster a community spirit with other vets engaged in the VR therapy platform because society and community feel also helps in recuperation.

Not only does it help in enhancing expected results, improving patient’s welfare, expanding patient’s socialization options while undergoing treatment, Virtual Reality therapy helps in altering behaviors arising from mental health disorders and it also introduces a better way for managing pain.

There is also the feedback loop based on variables like cognitive ability, locomotion scope, response time and other variables in order to measure growth & progression.

VR therapy is now less expensive than it used to be because its equipment can now be obtained at a drastically reduced rate – major bonus: it is now applied wirelessly!

Because we believe that Virtual Reality Therapy is a set of instruments in a toolbox, Operation Rubix has a network of VR therapy options for paralyzed veterans and their families. Call us at 941-777-8387 for more information today.


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