What Exactly is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?

At Operation Rubix, we strive to connect veterans and military members to resources that can offer positive treatment. We draw attention to mental health and spread awareness throughout the community. We also pair military members and veterans with therapuetic services and counseling through individual and group therapy sessions of various types. One of the types of therapy we encourage is cognitive behavioral therapy. Learn more about this type of therapy by reading on.

What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?

Cognitive behavioral therapy is a type of psychotherapy that is used to boost happiness through the modification of dysfunctional emotions, behaviors, and thoughts. With cognitive behavioral therapy, there is a focus on how thoughts and perceptions influence behavior. Through cognitive behavioral therapy, harmful thoughts are identified and then assessed as to whether or not they distort a person’s depiction of reality. If harmful thoughts are not an accurate depiction of one’s reality, cognitive behavioral therapy will work to challenge and eventually overcome these thoughts.

p>Cognitive behavioral therapy is ideal for individuals ranging in age from youth to seniors. It is also ideal for individuals suffering from anxiety disorders, major depressive disorders, and post-traumatic stress disorder. These are some of the most popular mental health conditions that veterans and military members face. That is why we recommend cognitive behavioral therapy to our clients here at Operation Rubix.

In the Sarasota, Florida area, we can pair military members, veterans, and their families with Robyn LaPorta, MA. Robyn offers therapeutic services and counseling to military members and veterans through individual counseling, group therapy sessions, and cognitive behavioral therapy. She has notable education, several certifications, and training, and can approach treatment in a variety of ways. If you’re seeking mental health care for yourself or someone you love who has served in the military, don’t hesitate to reach out to Operation Rubix. You can contact us by phone at 941-330-4240.


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