You are Not Alone: Mental Health Awareness Week

Operation Rubix is concerned for the physical and mental health of our veterans in the greater Sarasota area. As part of that commitment, we support Mental Health Awareness Week sponsored by the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). This organization is determined to raise awareness of mental illness and help reduce the stigma of those who suffer from it.

Mental Health Awareness Week

During the first week of each October NAMI works with organizations like ours to raise the awareness of mental illness and help educate the public, reduce negative reactions, and offer support. Mental illness and recovery should be discussed all year, but having Mental Health Awareness Week in October helps spotlight the issues and bring greater awareness of the problem. Mental Health Awareness Week was officially established by Congress in 1990.

Operation Rubix helps our veterans by creating a network of therapists and health care professionals who can support veterans and their families. Many of our service members are leaving active service with a range of issues that are not being properly addressed by the VA. Some issues occur because of their service, but some can be related to prior mental health problems which were worsened by the veteran’s active service. Regardless of the reason, Operation Rubix is committed to finding support for these veterans.

For more information about NAMI and Mental Health Awareness Week visit the National Alliance on Mental Illness. Our goal is not only to support veterans but also their families. Veteran mental health issues affect their entire family, and we can offer support for them as well. For more information on Operation Rubix and our programs please call 941-777-8387 or email

Mental Health Awareness | Sarasota Veteran Support


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